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4 months old

Yesterday, our little lady turned four months old. Holy cow, where did the time go? Are you starting to sense a reoccurring theme? I’m pretty sure I will be asking this for the rest of my life.

This past month we have experienced many “firsts” as a family. We heard those sweet squeals of delight and tiny chuckles as we gave Harper raspberries on her belly. Our sweet girl smiles from sun up to sun down, and she has impeccable timing when it comes to flashing her toothless grin.

This Christmas we got to shop for her and pretend that Santa was coming to our house and knew just what she needed. We took our first trip to the zoo with friends and she snoozed in her stroller most of the visit. We introduced her to family traditions and we had four different Christmas celebrations. We had a family snow day as the “Blizzard 2012” hit Indianapolis. We spent the day eating, napping and lots of snuggling.

We went to her Daddy’s alma matter and watched a basketball game. I’m not sure she ever looked at the court but she had a good time watching the middle school students sitting next to us. Hmm, wonder where she gets that from?

She contiunees to despise tummy time, as she now turns her head to the side and sucks on her thumb, however she has great stength and holds her head up very well. Her new favorite toys are the lovie and her Sophie giraffee. She is reaching our for things that we put in front of her and grips on to them for dear life. She has become fond of pulling off my glasses during diaper changes or yanking my hair and I LOVE it.

This week we go to the doctor, and I’m looking forward to finding out how much she has grown.





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