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8 months old

My sweet girl is 8 months and growing, however as I post this update she is 8.5 months old and will soon be 9. Needless to say, she is keeping us busy around here.

It just so happens we took a family trip to Lowe’s on hj’s 8 month birthday. As we stood in the parking lot packing up the car and I glanced across the street staring at Community North Hospital, it became clear to me why my mom always glared at St.Joe Hospital while passing by. I’ll never forget the day she pulled the car over, jumped out and grabbed a brick. Without a doubt, I too have the same emotional connection to Community North. I stood there day dreaming swelling with emotions. This is where we first saw our child forming, where we heard a heartbeat for the first time and found out we were parents to a baby girl. This is where we got to hold and kiss her for the first time and introduce her to her family.

This month we celebrated hj’s first Easter. We went to Kokomo on Saturday afternoon and had Easter dinner and then we went to church on Sunday morning with Nana B and Papa C. That afternoon we drove back home and spent the afternoon celebrating with the Donaldson side of the family. Towards the end of the month mama threw a bachlorette party for Aunt Meghan, and Daddy got to spend a full 24 hours with you all alone. We also celebrated Nana B turning 60 with a family dinner.

hj is on the move and and she is the fastest crawler east of the mississippi. She loves to crawl across the room and use the furniture nearby to pull her self up and stand. We learned very quickly she is a fan of Vernie girls dog food and daddy brought home gates the next day.

She loves hearing us sing “If your Happy and You Know It”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Patty Cake” and other songs we have made up.

The girl is also in “discovery” mode every where we go. As we shop and run errands she loves watching passers by and always smiles at them. She is starting to figure out the cause and effect of different things. We love to watch her as she is learning everyday.





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7 months old

I’m a little behind with this months post, but we have been a busy and sick family.  We continue to be busy, but thankfully we are all healthy.  

It still blows my mind how much my precious baby can change so much in one month.  She is now 7.5 months old and is far different today then she was at 7 months.  (My updates in this post cover 6 to 7 months)

Our new favorite thing is when hj reaches out for us to pick her up from playing, out of her crib or when she wants YOU to hold her.  It melts our hearts every single time and will never get old.  She also loves to hear us say her name, or sing it in a song.  She smiles back, giggles and rocks back and forth with pride. 

We have explored a few new solids including baby yogurt.  As long as it is banana flavored she is a happy girl.  hj is also obsessed with “mum mums” and reaches our for them when she hears the rustling of the package.  Check them out: http://www.mummums.com.  

We are so excited that a tiny little tooth has broke surface.  During the process, hj earned the nickname of “drool queen” and it was very fitting for the last few months. 

hj is very close to crawling, but her current method of rolling from one side of the room to the other keeps her busy for hours.  We also discovered she is a big fan of ‘March Madness’ just like her Mama and Da Da. 

We spent an afternoon at the zoo, thanks to a team event for Da Da.  While this was hj’s second trip the zoo, she seemed to enjoy it much more this time around.  She loved watching the walrus as he swam up to the wall to say hello.  It was fun watching her face light up looking at the animals, but it melted my heart seeing her fall asleep in her stroller toward the end of the day.  These are the sweet moments I have dreamed about. 

We love watching her grow, learn and discover new things everyday. Until next month.

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4 months old

Yesterday, our little lady turned four months old. Holy cow, where did the time go? Are you starting to sense a reoccurring theme? I’m pretty sure I will be asking this for the rest of my life.

This past month we have experienced many “firsts” as a family. We heard those sweet squeals of delight and tiny chuckles as we gave Harper raspberries on her belly. Our sweet girl smiles from sun up to sun down, and she has impeccable timing when it comes to flashing her toothless grin.

This Christmas we got to shop for her and pretend that Santa was coming to our house and knew just what she needed. We took our first trip to the zoo with friends and she snoozed in her stroller most of the visit. We introduced her to family traditions and we had four different Christmas celebrations. We had a family snow day as the “Blizzard 2012” hit Indianapolis. We spent the day eating, napping and lots of snuggling.

We went to her Daddy’s alma matter and watched a basketball game. I’m not sure she ever looked at the court but she had a good time watching the middle school students sitting next to us. Hmm, wonder where she gets that from?

She contiunees to despise tummy time, as she now turns her head to the side and sucks on her thumb, however she has great stength and holds her head up very well. Her new favorite toys are the lovie and her Sophie giraffee. She is reaching our for things that we put in front of her and grips on to them for dear life. She has become fond of pulling off my glasses during diaper changes or yanking my hair and I LOVE it.

This week we go to the doctor, and I’m looking forward to finding out how much she has grown.





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My baby is 3 months old

I can not believe my sweet baby girl is three months old today. Everyone tells you to hold them close and to snuggle as much as possible because it goes so quickly.

Right in front of our very own eyes she has made so many developments. She has gained almost 4 pounds and is close to 4 inches longer. Her smiles will steal your heart and she wants so badly to let out a big bout of laughter, you can see it in her eyes.

When given a bottle she reaches out to hold it on her own and makes a fist to ensure her pacifier stays in her mouth.

She has figured out “the big brown thing” is not going anywhere and vise versa. They love to stare each other down and often Harper will flash a sweet little smile to Vernie girl. This makes for one happy Momma.

She holds her little head up and loves to watch the Hoosiers with Daddy in her bumbo.

I’m proud to be her Momma.


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