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My baby is 3 months old

I can not believe my sweet baby girl is three months old today. Everyone tells you to hold them close and to snuggle as much as possible because it goes so quickly.

Right in front of our very own eyes she has made so many developments. She has gained almost 4 pounds and is close to 4 inches longer. Her smiles will steal your heart and she wants so badly to let out a big bout of laughter, you can see it in her eyes.

When given a bottle she reaches out to hold it on her own and makes a fist to ensure her pacifier stays in her mouth.

She has figured out “the big brown thing” is not going anywhere and vise versa. They love to stare each other down and often Harper will flash a sweet little smile to Vernie girl. This makes for one happy Momma.

She holds her little head up and loves to watch the Hoosiers with Daddy in her bumbo.

I’m proud to be her Momma.


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